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on Tue May 31, 2016 10:44 am
Long ago, there were two foxes. One was named Salem and his pelt was darker than the night itself. The other was a snow-white vixen named Metallic. They were as different as night and day, but you know the old saying; opposites attract. As everyone guessed, the two settled down and had a family with seven healthy kits.

Their happily life together didn’t last very long sadly. A horrible sickness swept over the pack. The kits grew ill thanks to it. Six of the seven kits died. The last one was barely clinging to life. Metallic prayed to the foxes that had died along ago to save her last remaining kit.

A few night later, she plead was answered. She was told to take her daughter out and lay her under the full moon and they would do the rest to save her life. The vixen awoke up with a startle, and picked up her kit and did as she was told.

A light shined down on the vulpine. It ended up turning her once white fur a blue-gray fur. The once still fox kit bounced around with life. Metallic ended up naming her Luna after the moon. From where, she lived a happy life with her family.

When Luna reached her teen years, she soon began to realize that she had powers. First fire, then ice, electricity, earth, light, and the most mysterious of them all; darkness. She had intended to use her powers for good and she did.

She used them well until the day she died of old age. Once she died, the crystal that had been placed inside of her appeared. No matter what the spirit foxes did, they couldn’t destroy it, even though they were the ones that made it in the first place.

The dead foxes broke the purple crystal up into six different pieces. They scattered them up to six foxes around the forest. They were known as The Chosen. Whenever one of them were die, the shard would leave them and find a new host.

News spread quickly of these special vulpine. A group of foxes stepped up to try and find them. They were known as The Seekers. They would stop at nothing to get their paws on the crystal shards and put it back together. Another group of foxes stepped up to stop them and keep the chosen foxes safe. They were known as The Protectors.

War broke out between the two packs. Many lives were lost in the war between them. Moons later, the war still continued on. The Seekers, now lead by the current leader, Ghost, was going to let nothing stand in his way to get the six shards of the crystal.

As for the new leader of The Protectors? My name is Crow the current leader of it, and we’ll make sure that Ghost and his pack doesn’t get his paws on them. Even if it kills us.

This is where you come in. Are you one of the Seekers trying to get the chosen foxes, or are you one of the Protectors trying to keep them safe? Or are you one of the chosen foxes trying to save the world and end the war? Or destroy the world. The choices are yours and yours alone.






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