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 The Five Orbs

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PostSubject: The Five Orbs   Fri Feb 19, 2016 2:47 am

In Japan, everything seems normal and peaceful. Everyone lived their lives happily and great, it seemed. Like nothing could go wrong. However, one day, the Five Orbs were stolen and taken away. What are these Five Orbs you ask? Why they are what keeps the balance in Japan. And the world. The Orbs are; Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Void. Five villains have stolen them and taken them to different places, all apart from one. The Orb of Void is still in Japan, but you can't get it. Oh no, no, you can't. Why? It will corrupt you in darkness and evil if you so much as try to steal it without the other four Orbs. They keep peace, the very balance. One can't be without the other.

When the Fire Orb was taken, lava, fire, vaccines began to overflow and cause problems. The Water Orb caused the sea levels to run higher than normal, drowning people. The Earth Orb caused earthquakes and the earth to start to break apart. The Wind Orb caused harsh winds, cruel tornadoes, killing many. And the Void Orb corrupted people, turning them against one another, murders and deaths all over. A terrible thing, isn't it?

Now young one, I ask of you. Are you one of the brave heroes that are trying to get the orbs back, or are you one of the villains that have taken them, trying to make sure the 'heroes' don't stop your plans?

They choice is yours. Pick wisely, for the fate of the world depends on which you pick.


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The Five Orbs
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