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 A Tale of Worlds

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PostSubject: A Tale of Worlds   Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:59 pm

There were two creatures in this world. Monsters and humans. At first, the two lived together in peace and happiness. However, that all changed one day. Humans became prey things to monsters and other mythical creatures, much like how animals were to humans. In fear for their lives, the humans sent the monsters and other creatures away across a forest. After that, the forest was forbidden to enter. Both humans and monsters could enter it freely, but only the humans could go and return to their side at well. The monsters had to be invited to the human's side of the forest, much like vampires. Because of this, the monsters ether have to wait for a human to come to them and invite them to their side, (which rarely happened) or wait for them to come and take their spirit/soul (I'm still trying to figure out what to use to be honest-) that is needed for them to be able to cross the barrier freely.

Now, I have a question for you. Will you choose human and fall prey to more... predatorily creatures? Will you be a rebel human and attack that which you don't understand and fear? Or will you be a creature of magics and myths? Or will you befriend the creatures you don't understand? Or will you choice genocide and kill everyone and everything that you see? The choices are yours and yours alone. Choice wisely, for whichever you pick, will determent your outcome. Whether you live or die, it all depends on what you do. Can you make it in this world or will you be one of many to lose their lives?

Character Sheet:


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A Tale of Worlds
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