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A Tale of Worlds Empty A Tale of Worlds

on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:59 pm
There were two creatures in this world. Monsters and humans. At first, the two lived together in peace and happiness. However, that all changed one day. Humans became prey things to monsters and other mythical creatures, much like how animals were to humans. In fear for their lives, the humans sent the monsters and other creatures away across a forest. After that, the forest was forbidden to enter. Both humans and monsters could enter it freely, but only the humans could go and return to their side at well. The monsters had to be invited to the human's side of the forest, much like vampires. Because of this, the monsters ether have to wait for a human to come to them and invite them to their side, (which rarely happened) or wait for them to come and take their spirit/soul (I'm still trying to figure out what to use to be honest-) that is needed for them to be able to cross the barrier freely.

Now, I have a question for you. Will you choose human and fall prey to more... predatorily creatures? Will you be a rebel human and attack that which you don't understand and fear? Or will you be a creature of magics and myths? Or will you befriend the creatures you don't understand? Or will you choice genocide and kill everyone and everything that you see? The choices are yours and yours alone. Choice wisely, for whichever you pick, will determent your outcome. Whether you live or die, it all depends on what you do. Can you make it in this world or will you be one of many to lose their lives?

Character Sheet:




 Species/What Are They:

 Soul (Color): (The soul is the shape of a heart. It appears when you do battle with someone. Mostly for powerful monsters or humans.)



 Exp: (Execution Points)

 LV: (Level of ViolencE)



 Fighting Style:

 Friends With:

 Neutral With:

 Enemies With:



 Single or Taken:















Queen: Ether- a kind and caring young female deer. She left her mate because she didn't approve of him going and doing what he was doing. She took Clara in when she found the young child and raised her for a few years, before the little girl left to go on her quest.


Princess: Ciuri- an eleven-year-old deerling. She's rather kind and caring and doesn't agree with what her father's doing.

Head of the Royal Guards: Requin- a fish-like monster that was trained by the king himself at a young age. Her attacks are spears-based things.

Royal Guards:


Royal Scientist:

Royal Healer: Amelia- A young goatling that's 20 year's old. She's rather good at healing others with magic. She carries a cane that curls into a c-like shape at the end where the hook is. Inside is a rose colored heart.

Other Monsters and creatures: Arial- a 19 year old skeleton. His left eye can turn lime green to allow him to do some special attacks. He uses a bone to attack others with. He can float and teleport to get to places fast, getting that from his father. His name comes from the font Arial that people seem to hate.

Centaur- an eighteen-year-old skeleton. She's Arial's younger sister. She's taller than he is, despite being younger. Like her brother, she can use attacks too, only hers is orange instead of lime green. She doesn't like puns at all, while her brother loves them.

Lester- He's Arial and Centaur's father. He was the royal scientist before the current one. He did a lot of experiments on others and one day disappeared without a trace. He can use magic like his son and daughter do, and he uses them mostly to take you with.They glow a purple color. He's very smart and dangerous and not someone you'd like to run into. He'll capture you and take you away and do painful experiments on you and try and take your soul.

Alcia- a female spider that wants to help spider clans and loves to bake things. Don't like this fool you though. Just because she enjoys to bake and cook things, doesn't mean she's not able to be a dangerous spider that you don't wish to run into.

Venom- Alcia's mate. Unlike his wife, he's rather cruel, cold, and heartless. He's very dangerous and not one to mess with. His son takes after him.

Charlotte- an eleven-year-old spider. She takes after her mother in wishing to bake things for others. She's rather kind and caring towards all unless you do something to make her mad. Then you'll be in for some trouble.

Poison- an eleven-year-old spider that's older than his sister by a few minutes. He takes care his father in his views on the world. He's very cunning and dangerous, not one to be trusted. He loves to play with his victims before he finishes them off.

Catarina- a cat witch. She's very skilled in her magic and very dangerous. She enjoy playing mind games with her victims before she kills or enslaves them. She's rather cruel and heartless and not a kitty you'd like to meet, despite her rather kind and cheery appearance.

Coco- a little monster cat. She's very kind and caring for being a monster. She's a young kitten, about four moons (months) old. She wishes to help Clara out and keep her safe from others that wish to do her harm. She's very protective of the little girl and those that she cares about and will fight to the death for them. She doesn't like storms, as the thunder scares her and the rain, being water, she hates. She enjoys riding on her friend's head as it's a good high spot to look out for any on coming monster or danger.

Bitz- a mutant plant/bat creature. He is a rather cruel monster, one that works with Clarita. He's not one to be trusted at all. He's very evil and tries to trick others to make an easy meal out of them. That, or to just simply do away with them and take their soul. He's very tricky, cunning, clever, and manipulative.

Butter Cream (BC)- a little dog that owns a bakery. She always her cooking outfit on and hardly ever takes them off. She can use her tail like another hand. If you don't buy anything from her while you're in her store, she will hunt you down and give you a hell of a time.

Toxin- A black and yellow cat. Not much is known about this feline however. Nor, its partner.

Glitch- A blue puppy. Like Toxin, there's little known about this canine. He and his feline friend just showed up one day without any explaining or knowing why.

Human or human-like creatures: Clara- a ten-year-old fox/cat girl that wants to help everyone and make things right. She wishes to help others, no matter who or what they are or've done in their past.

Clarita- a twelve-year-old wolf/dog girl that wants to destroy everything and everyone. She's dangerous and not one you want to run into anytime soon.

Red- 1. you are agressive, and have a bit of a temper. When provoked, you would rather fight then talk it out. You rush into things, causing problems along the way.

 2. characteristics of love, strength, physical energy, passion, courage, protection, excitement, speed, leadership, power, danger, and respect.

 Blue- peace, patience, understanding, health, tranquility, protection, spiritual awareness, unity, harmony, calmness, coolness, confidence, dependability, loyalty, idealism, tackiness, and wisdom.

 Green- you are a free spirit, and you are very peaceful. You are against violence, and you have a group of friends that are like your family.

 Yellow- 1. You have a yellow soul... you are a very happy person, with an outgoing personality. You have a mean side, but you almost never show it. You have many friends, but only a few are very close to you.

 2. Your soul is painted the color yellow, which embodies the characteristics of joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, gold, hope, liberalism, sociability, friendship, death, courage, intellect, confidence, communication, travel, movement, attraction, persuasion, and charm.

 Orange- Your soul is orange... you look at the good side of life. You are against violence, but will use it if you need to protect yourself or others. You are honest, and are always making new friends.

 Purple- Your soul is painted the color purple, which embodies the characteristics of sensuality, spirituality, creativity, wealth, royalty, nobility, mystery, enlightenment, arrogance, gaudiness, mourning, confusion, pride, delicacy, power, meditation, religion, and ambition.

 Pink- Your soul is painted the color pink, which embodies the characteristics of love, friendship, compassion, femininity, relaxation, ability to overcome evil, honor, morality, general success, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, health, and marriage.

 Black- characteristics of modernity, formality, power, sophistication, elegance, wealth, mystery, style, anger, sadness, remorse, rebellion, loss, discord, confusion, and absorbing negativity.

 White- you are pure and innocent. You are a pacifist, and are very kind. Many people see that in you so you are well liked by most, giving you you many friends and allies.

 Brown- calmness, depth, nature, stability, tradition, poverty, roughness, down-to-earth, uncertainty, and neutrality.

 Gray- Your soul is gray. It holds the characteristics of someone who holds wisdom. You’re very wise and have a lot of knowledge under your belt. People offer come to you for advice and for your wise words to help with their problems.

 Silver- Your soul is painted the color silver. It has the characteristics of somehow who is youthful. You are full of youth and energy. Sometimes that gets you into trouble, but you mean well.

 Gold- Your soul is the color of gold. Like Silver, you also have the characteristics of somehow youthful. You’re also have a bunch of youth and energy about you. Unlike your counterpart, you have a bright and shinning personality about you. You’re very joyful and fun to be around and like the color yellow, you shine even through the darkest of times.

 There can be more than one color of each soul, such as a darker or lighter. While there are twelve colors here, 13 are needed. These are not written in stone. The meanings can change depending on the person and their actions.
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