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Carnival Master Empty Carnival Master

on Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:45 am
I thought of a wonderful idea for us to do.

And it's a carnival themed RP.

But it's not CoH styled, oh no.

It's more horror themed and darkish.

All the events you are placed in are carnival themed to an extent. But this is a game. One big game to the Carnival Master and the winner lives and becomes his prize. Problem is, no one knows there in a battle for their lives yet. Everyone who attends was innocently picked or volunteered to go through the maze. In the maze there is challenges and.. bonuses. You may come across bottles which when consumed give the consumer abilities that are with you forever (shadow manipulation, invisibility, ect).

But the maze is very dangerous. There's traps in there that will kill you, other players will try and kill you as well. And the Carnival Master watches all this, enjoying the show-

The mazes are only when the games aren't being played. It's like after everyone leaves sort of thing and the carnival closes for the night. That's when people go through the maze.

And get this-

Once you enter the carnival, you're trapped there. Yep, trapped. No way out. You may be there for years, but to your family, you haven't been gone five minutes.

And another thing-

If you loose-

Well, lose the maze part, if you lose the other games-

Then you become part of those games-

But if you lose the maze-

Then you get turned into a creepy doll-

And placed on a shelf-

Of course-

That's if you don't get killed while in the maze-





Mutated or no: (Mutated is when you're more monster looking, hiding in the maze, waiting to attack others-)



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Carnival Master Empty Re: Carnival Master

on Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:13 am
Name: Ezekiel Von'Creech

Age: Unknown (Adult)

Gender: Male

Species: Cax (Cat-fox hybrid)

Mutated or no: No.

Appearance: Carnival Master Ringmaster_by_electrical__rodent-da7hc5x

Personality: Ezekiel is a cruel, mean, and heartless hybrid. He cares about no one but himself. He sees himself being above others, looking down on them being weaker than himself. He views others as his own personal playthings. Toys to do with as he sees fit. And when he's done with them, he tosses them away like trash. If he wants something he'll get it, no matter what. While he doesn't care for others feelings or anything of the sort, he's a rather good liar and actor, making it seem that he cares. It's all can act to get others to trust and obey him. He enjoys sending others into The Maze, watching as they struggle to survivor to see tomorrow. It's rather amusing to him.

History: This little hybrid use to be in a carnival himself when he was younger. While he was there, he was treated horribly. He was abused, beaten, given to people to play with. Hounds to be bashed around as they saw fit. His life was hell. Finally, he grew sick of it all and ran away.

After that, he made up his mind to start his own carnival. What he was taught in the old one had twisted his mind to the point of him making a sick and twisted version of the normal ones that you'd see. The cat-fox ruled over the place with iron claws and whip, catching new freaks to be used in the shows and to go through the death trap known as The Maze.

Other: He'll speak in red.
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